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            Welcome to Fujian Zhixing Activated Carbon Co., Ltd.
            Contact Us
            Dear customers:
            Thank you for visiting our website, please contact us if you have any suggestions or opinions.
            Fujian Zhixing Activated Carbon Co., Ltd.  
            Sales Dept.(1): +86-599-3868866  E-mail:zxi@cnfjzx.com
            Sales Dept.(2): +86-599-3838388  E-mail:zxj@cnfjzx.com
            Civil carbon division:+86-599-3822388 E-mail:zxc@cnfjzx.com
            International Trade Dept.:+86-599-3821566  E-mail:sales@cnfjzx.com
            Purchasing Dept.:+86-599-3866788  E-mail:zxn@cnfjzx.com
            Administrative Dept.:+86-599-3869699 Fax:+86-599-3838328
            Add:Muxilin, Jian'ou City, Fujian Province, China. PC:53100
            Url:www.caykaram.com  www.cnfjzx.com